Who we are: Belarusian diaspora in the Netherlands

There are more than 600 people in Belarusian diaspora in the Netherlands. Back in 2011, Open Belarus! Foundation was established to promote Belarusian culture in the Netherlands and to support bilateral contacts between these two countries. Cultural events and lectures were organized for Dutch public and Belarusians residing here.

Before and after the events of August 2020, more Belarusians joined the diaspora, united in the common goal of supporting their homeland. Since the beginning of the summer, the diaspora has organized 43 solidarity events. The biggest marches in The Hague brought together 400 and 200+ people. In addition to The Hague, there are regular demonstrations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Many solidarity events were devoted to important political occasions, such as discussion of Belarusian situation in the Dutch Parliament or a visit of Svetlana Tikhonovskaya.

In addition to the solidarity events, we have formed 13 working groups with different themes and goals: we work with Dutch media and politicians (regularly disseminating information about what is happening in Belarus); we work on Belarusian school; we strengthen aid to doctors and refugees in Belarus.

In November and December the art team held an exhibition on Belarusian protest art in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Another working group collected and handed over money to the victims in Belarus, prepared Christmas gifts for the refugees from Belarus, the group is also active in helping Belarusian refugees in Poland and Lithuania.

Now the diaspora also supports Belarusian music projects: live Tor Band concert, several Saturday concerts are planned. Many more solidarity and creative white-red-white activities are organized online.